The Experience

Kids skiing at Beaver Creek

Four to six days of intellectual tourism.

So much more than just a vacation. Families who come to TheBluHouse will learn how science affects the mind and body, all while having fun!

At TheBluHouse, you’ll learn how to use data to drive your family’s well-being. We provide wearables and air quality monitors to show you ways that the choices you make every day impact your overall quality of life.

What to Expect During Your Stay

Learn to integrate healthy choices through five key pillars.

TheBluHouse is a perfect fit for families, adult couples, or elite athlete groups who want to learn how to make how to make healthy decisions when life calls.



What (and when!) we eat has a huge impact on our daily health. Learn how we help our families achieve higher levels of focus and attention. Delicious, brain healthy breakfasts and family dinners are provided with your stay.



Go beyond thinking about how many hours you sleep. We’ll outfit your family with wearables (Whoops) and pair their metrics with air monitors to give you analytical insights into how your sleep quality impacts nervous system health.



The best part of Eagle! This environment is meant to move in, and your brain will thank you for it. TheBluHouse has trail access right out of the garage as well as daily shuttles and guided access to Beaver Creek skiing.



Explore how skiing down a mountain, biking across a trail, or hiking through beautiful landscape opens the minds of everyone in your family in a brand new way. Get away from the city and into nature to let the creativity flow.



That’s YOU, the ideal family or group at TheBluHouse! Your family is the greatest team of all, and we have the structure set up to show you the science of your life in the most family-fun way possible.

What's Included

Bring your family, your skis (in the winter!), and not much else. You’re free to explore, eat at restaurants, and bring home groceries. Healthy breakfast and dinners will be provided as part of your stay. 

Activity Shuttle
Stocked Kitchen
Full-Floor Suite
Concierge & Guides
Healthy Snacks
Mountain Bikes

Where you're staying

TheBluHouse is a newly converted private BNB style residence in the mountains of Eagle, Colorado. Our location is perfect for spending family time both indoors and outdoors.

Open concept living area at TheBluHouse
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Join us for a fun week of seasonal activities that inspire you to make healthier life choices.

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