Who is behind TheBluHouse?

Meet our family

What started during the pandemic as a K-1 school in our basement has blossomed into our dream come true. At TheBluHouse, we combine our love for science and brain health with Colorado’s world class outdoor recreation and fun!

Janey & John Thornton JD, MBA

John has worked with professional athletes for 20 years as a NHL certified agent. He also teaches peak performance through brain health to elite athletes. Janey’s favorite scientific subjects are rocks & robots. John’s are the brain, time, and conciousness.  John has done graduate studies at Western Michigan Cooley Law School (JD) and University of Toronto Rotman School of Business (MBA), and is a certified health coach.

Dr. Alex Thornton MEd, EdD, Neuroscientist

Alex researched and lectured on the effects of exercise, sleep, nutrition, play, self-awareness, and conscious control interventions on the brain by use of EEG, ERP, HRV and other cognitive and emotional testing. Alex has enjoyed working with Aboriginal and First Nation communities across Canada. He’s done graduate work at University of Boston for his Masters and Doctorate of Education.
What is TheBluHouse?

A family retreat where science drives healthy choices

A modern take on a traditional wellness retreat. When you stay at TheBluHouse, you have fun learning the science behind a healthy lifespan and family span.

Family science camp

Science Is The Foundation

A big part of the experience at TheBluHouse is science! Our 5 pillars of nutrition, sleep, movement, mind, and support are distilled from a shelf full of modern scientific reading that you’ll have access to. Not only that, but we do fun experiments that show you how these pillars impact your day to day life.

Great Food is Nutritious!

We’re not talking about a diet or fad. At TheBluHouse, you’ll see how nutrition has a direct benefit you and your family’s overall health and well-being. Eating more nutritious food is a journey, and we meet you where you’re at. Our access to healthy local food will help you eat great while you’re here and take home knowledge that lasts.

Healthy food choices

We Love To Have Fun

TheBluHouse is square in the center of the best Colorado has to offer. In the spring, summer, and fall, you can mountain bike and hike right out of the garage. You’ll also have access to numerous river events, concerts, world class fly fishing, and the town of Eagle. In the winter, bring your skis! We’ll be spending our days at Beaver Creek enjoying some of the best skiing terrain in the country. No matter the season, TheBluHouse is situated in the perfect location to support one of our 5 pillars: Movement.

Where you will stay.

TheBluHouse is a newly converted private BNB style residence in the mountains of Eagle, Colorado. Our location is perfect for spending family time both indoors and outdoors.
Open concept living area at TheBluHouse
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Join us for a fun week of seasonal activities that inspire you to make healthier life choices.

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